Don’t Forget to Bring Your Stubby Coolers to The Party!

Organizing an event can be a tedious task if not done right. Having been to tons of both local and international events, from trade shows to conferences and marketing shindigs, both small and big parties to name a few, it is very easy to spot the things that have been left out that should have been there or that could have made the party a lot better and enjoyable for its visitors.

Nevertheless, we have done some homework to make sure this does not happen at your party or important event. There are essentially 5 different categories to consider.

  1. Planning: From the original idea to the action plan.
  2. Executing: From the action plan to the execution including supplies, catering, etc.
  3. Promoting: Letting everyone know i.e. invites and selling the tickets (if need be).
  4. Hosting: Finding the right host and making sure everything goes as planned.
  5. After the event: Thank you notes and follow-ups.

How Do You Begin to Plan an Event?

This is usually the first and foremost step in an event organization, small or big. Perhaps you already have an idea of what you want including all the details and a checklist or perhaps you know you want to organize an event but you need some ideas or inspiration from somewhere.

1) Write It Down – Few Things You Can Do Starting Now to Get the Ball Rolling

Writing things down is a very strong practice not just for organising events but in our daily lives too, take your pen and note pad out and start writing…According to some psychologists making a to-do checklist and crossing things out as they get completed, has been proven to be a very useful and stress-free tactic.

Firstly, ask yourself these simple, yet powerful questions:

– What is the reason for my event – to celebrate something or promote it?

– Who is it geared towards – friends, family or businesses?

– How will you prepare for it – do you already have measures in place like a venue, party supplies?

– Who will be helping you – is it a one-man band or will others be helping you or will you hire outside professional help?

TIP: Sometimes the quickest and easiest way to get ideas is through online forums or social media pages – Post a question like “I am planning an event and need some ideas for fun activities or original themes for it, that I could use, that would work?”

You are guaranteed to get responses that will help you out or at least give you some comparable ideas to play around with. 

Often writing things down can help you create a mind-map to use as you go along and add to it or move things around. Write down your goals or purpose and follow it through to the end.

An example of a statement to jot down can be:

  “I want to organize this (specific event) because (reason) and the goal is to (purpose)”

Chances are you will most likely change that sentence or the answers in brackets a few times before coming up with the perfect option for you/your purpose. Looking at it daily will give you some inspiration and focus.

2) Work Backwards

Another good idea is to work backwards. Have the end-goal in mind and take steps to the beginning. Perhaps you are organizing an end-of-year party for your colleagues and seeing as they have worked so hard over the year, you would rather consider a fun bash with a more of a party vibe and they would be more inclined to drink their beers out of a stubby cooler rather than a cocktail or champagne glass.

It is advisable then to narrow the ‘type’ of guests you want to invite or attract to the event and when making your short bio for them, write down the obvious traits like their age or gender, but also not so obvious things like:

– Are they a fun or sophisticated bunch?  

– What type of drinks would they like to drink?

– Do you think they would prefer live music or a DJ in the background?

– Are they interested in finger foods or a buffet?

– Perhaps they are health conscious?

and so on…

Doing the same with the venue is also key in getting it right. Ask yourself the obvious questions like cost, capacity, location. But always go a step further and think about the smaller things like:

– Is the venue you have chosen easily accessible?

– Do they have wheelchair access?

– What services do they have on the premises – bar or catering?

– Do they have a stage or open area for dancing?

We know how overwhelming organizing any type of an event can be, be it big or small. There are many different things to keep track of. However, starting early and giving yourself enough time to do it step by step is always better than running around at the last minute.

3) Don’t Change Your Mind…or Plans!

It is very easy to change your mind in the middle of your planning, the best advise we can give you is – unless absolutely necessary, don’t change your mind or your plan! Not only will you waste your time and money, but perhaps your original idea would have worked marvelously and people would have enjoyed it a lot more?

The art of visualisation is a very powerful one: if you need to, do it. Write down the ‘plan of action’ in detail and visualise every step till its crystal clear in your mind i.e.:

17:00 people should start to arrive

17:30 everyone gets seated and drinks are served

18:00 starters are served

18:15 opening announcement  

18:30 Prize giving

19:00 Dinner is served

Read on how you can do this here.

See the source image

4) Everyone’s Having A Good Time

If you look at anything with positive excitement, it helps to release any anxieties about it. As they say- ‘…eat an elephant one bit at a time…’ (not literally of course). A few typical items to post on your list and keep in front of you can be:

  • Catering
  • Entertainment
  • Decorations
  • Equipment
  • Venue
  • Transportation

Get started and enjoy every minute of it! It will all be worth it, in the end, and people will remember you as the person who threw that amazing event.

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